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    Post Donation Mod

    Hello Everyone,

    A Donation Mod is now installed on the forum. Once a donation has been completed I will be able to accept the donation and you will be moved to the PTCC Member Group on the forums.

    - To receive benefits from donating you must include your in-game Name & Steam ID in the PayPal notes when checking out.

    Access the Donation Page

    There are two ways to access the donation page:

    1.) Click the DONATE on the top of the page.

    2.)Click the DONATE link in the Server Contributors Forum.

    Select an Amount

    You can select one of the amounts given to you from the drop menu, or you can click the Custom amount and enter in any amount above $5.00

    After you hit SUBMIT you will be redirected to the PayPal login/checkout screen.



    Add your Game Name & SteamID in NOTES

    Select Payment Type& Submit Payment

    After you are done you can just close the tab and return to these forums.
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    $20 Biatches!!!

    If a poor university student can afford $20, so can you working folk!!!

    The Original Poontangclan Canadian Eh?

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    Ill donate see what I can give hopefully my work took me off trainee and put my regular pay so I don't have to get retro pay.



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